The Data Science Breakfast Club started in 2014 at UCL. We are a group of clinicians, statisticians, and software developers with a shared interest in Critical Care. ​

Critical Care, as a clinical speciality, is unique in that it has a long history of electronic data collection. This means that we have access to a rich, clinical record. ​

We believe that we can use this clinical record to answer important questions about how to better understand the diseases we see, and to to better care for the patients afflicted. This is a real alternative that complements the traditional ‘wet lab’ approach to clinical science. ​

This endeavour is better undertaken in collaboration. We meet to share ideas, and to create sustainable software resources. ​

We are partly funded by the Software Sustainability Institute, and the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia. ​

If you’d like to join our regular programme of ‘lab meetings’ then get in contact. You may be pleased to know that the original breakfast meetings have now been replaced by a slightly more agreeable lunchtime event.